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Author Sarah Kirton
Sarah Kirton
Updated on Aug 3rd, 2023
Fact checked by Emma Vince

Heaven Lane Creations 2023: Tools For Healing

DeliveryRank has the opportunity to talk with Andrea Trank from Heaven Lane Creations, a multi-talented individual with a passion for well-being and creativity. As an e-RYT, Ed.S, M.Ed, Integrative Medicine and Health Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified HeartMath Trainer, and Trauma-Sensitive Practitioner, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her work. 

As someone with a diverse background in education, integrative medicine, and creative arts, how do you integrate these different disciplines into your work at Heaven Lane Healing & Creative Arts?

I am first and foremost a teacher, so when I work with groups or individuals my aim is to empower them by teaching them tools to use long after we stop working together.  “Teach a person to fish” analogy. 

The other skills from my years as a science teacher that translate well include: 

Understanding the science and the value of research for all health related and stress related issues

Understanding the need for a compassionate approach to working with my clients just like I did when I was working with students

Understanding that everyone learns and relates differently to what I am helping them with, so it is very important to meet the client where they are instead of having a one-size-fits-all approach to helping them.

Let me address the creative side of healing.  When I first got sick 35 plus years ago, I turned to creative arts to begin my healing journey.  To this day, I make beautiful healing jewelry.  The act of creating has been shown to be incredibly healing.

Could you tell us more about your experience as a trauma-sensitive practitioner and how it informs your approach to healing and wellness?

Trauma has been redefined in recent years to include an understanding that it is not the event, but the individual’s ability to process the event that can cause trauma.  In other words, going through an earthquake or hurricane were big traumas in my life that affected my health, but many other people did not experience the long lasting nervous system consequences of these events.  

What I have learned from my trainings in trauma and my own experiences is that we need to address the nervous system first before I start on a series of lifestyle changes to improve my client’s health.  I use HeartMath heart/brain coherence tools, other mindfulness tools and Gentle Somatic Yoga and Yin yoga to accomplish these goals. I have many examples on my YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/@AndreaTrank

With the growing popularity of integrative medicine, how do you navigate the integration of traditional and alternative healing approaches in your coaching and training programs?

My father was a physician, so I respect the traditional western medical approaches and fully appreciate that most westerners believe in the power of medicine to treat their conditions.  So I never work against the advice given to my clients from their doctors.  What I do is offer preventative approaches and complementary approaches to whatever else they chose to do to heal.  It is never an either or, it is about empowering yourself to bring to the table everything possible to live your healthiest, most vibrant life no matter what you are facing.

Having said that, I will readily admit that traditional medicine failed me many times in handling bouts of anxiety, gut issues and autoimmune disease.  For this reason, I found the more holistic approaches to work better for these types of conditions.  Often people come to me after they have tried all the traditional approaches.  We do need more doctors to work with people like me to assist their patients along their healing journey. 

You mentioned being an expert in gut health issues. What specific approaches or techniques do you employ to address these issues and help individuals regain their energy?

Cooking is the best tool for repairing the gut.  Being able to control one's ingredients and put the extra dose of love into food preparation is such a healing art.  I teach cooking online and I have many recipes on my blog on my website.  

This is the most controllable thing someone can do for themselves.  They can pick the foods that support their gut and ultimately their energy and health.  I teach clients about reading labels, eating mindfully and tracking which foods make them feel better and which make them feel worse.  I have also used testing such as food sensitivity tests and stool tests to help my clients understand what is actually going on inside their guts. 

In addition, I do believe in supplements.  Quality and quantity matter.  So I spend time with my clients going over what supplements they are taking and making recommendations.  

I love food journals, but find many of my clients are reluctant to do this because of the time and commitment.  If you do not like to cook, then you need to learn how to read ingredients and ask questions when you go out to eat.

In your work, you speak of putting the nervous system into a healing state. Can you provide some examples of the science-based, compassionate tools you utilize to achieve this and promote overall healing?

I am certified in HeartMath’s emotional regulation tools that create a state called physiological coherence.  Their research has been going on for more than 30 plus years and it has been shown to create internal balance within the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems.  It also activates the vagus nerve which sends messages from the heart to the brain—shifting brain states into the frontal lobe of higher thinking.  I could spend hours going over the science, but if you want more, get to my blog and read the dozens of articles I have written about this topic.  (https://heavenlanecreations.com/blog/  then search HeartMath or nervous system). 

Effective communication with healthcare professionals is essential. How do you assist individuals in effectively expressing their needs and concerns to their doctors and other members of their healthcare team?

This is such an important question because many times my clients are so scared when they get a diagnosis that they are willing to do anything to feel better.  Health professionals often are responding to the fear expressed by the patients when they recommend very invasive things before trying natural and holistic remedies.  So I make it a point to help them develop questions for the practitioners as well as make myself available to give second opinions on anything that is being recommended.  I let them know I am not a doctor or a nurse, but I feel they trust me and I will always give them thorough, scientifically researched, measured responses that keep them in the driver’s seat when they ask me. 

If you would like to find out more about Andrea Trank, visit https://heavenlanecreations.com/

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