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Author Zoran Trifunovic
Zoran Trifunovic Writer
Updated on Apr 9th, 2024
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh

10 Cheapest Wine Clubs for 2024 (with Deals)

There are many wine clubs in the USA offering exclusive wines to vinophiles. Whether you prefer red, white, or any other type, these wine delivery services can ship bottles straight to your doorstep. And they have domestic and international wines at preferential rates on offer. For that reason, I consider them a treasure trove for budget-conscious wine enthusiasts.

But the contrasts between wine delivery services can run deep. Some may have a bottle personalization quiz, while others let you make your own picks. Some clubs offer lower prices but place the minimum purchase requirement. And while certain clubs pride themselves on local selections, others primarily focus on imported bottles.

After thorough consideration, I decided that Firstleaf is the best wine club offering cheap wines. For starters, this wine delivery service has multi-awarded wines for reasonable prices and a questionnaire that will help you get started. But there are other worthy competitors, so check my cheapest wine clubs list to find out what sets them apart. 

Short on Time? Here Are the Cheapest Wine Clubs

  1. Firstleaf – Best low-cost wine subscription service 

  2. Naked Wines – Best affordable wine club

  3. Vinesse – Best for cheap wines from award-winning winemakers

  4. Bright Cellars – Best wine club for bottle personalization

  5. Wine Insiders – Best selection of cheap French wines

See 5 more cheap wine clubs

The Cheapest Wine Clubs Reviewed

1. Firstleaf – Best Low-Cost Wine Subscription Service

Firstleaf's Weelderige Velde

Key Features

  • The service has many multi-awarded wines on the menu

  • Choose bottles or take a quiz for a personalized offer

  • The company has reds, whites, and sparkling wines

  • Current deal: First box of 6 wines for only $45.00

Firstleaf is one of the cheapest wine deliveries in the review and the best in my book. It’s not quite the most affordable option on my list, but I think the quality of wine you get represents a great value for money. And that's precisely why I ranked Firstleaf at the very top in my Cheapest Wine Clubs review.

The service’s experts scour the globe for standout wines. You'll discover bottles from almost every continent on the business's menu. And sommeliers don't just stick to the celebrated wine regions like French Aquitaine, Italian Veneto, or California. They dig deep into lesser-known vineyard regions, too. Thus, you can enjoy a glass of great wine from an area you haven't heard of before. 

Firstleaf boasts a truly global collection. You'll find bottles from France, Spain, Italy, and Australia. But you can also dive into selections from Argentina, South Africa, Chile, Greece, and other wine-rich nations. Maybe you haven’t heard of Greece as a foremost wine nation, but it has wines on par with the French, in my opinion.

Firstleaf has quite the range, from reds and whites to rosés and sparklings. If you lean toward reds or whites, you're in for a treat with its extensive lineup. Cabernet Sauvignon dominates the red wine category, while Sauvignon Blanc leads in the white wine selection. While rosé and sparkling wines are fewer, they are still plenty enough for any aficionado to enjoy, as stated in the comprehensive review. a screenshot of firstleaf's 2020 Maader 99 Pinotage

The company has Featured Bundles, Specialty, and Fine Wine Collection bottles. Bundles may mix up wine types (Rosés and Whites, for example) or introduce the same type (Rosé Collection). The Specialty section has various categories, including Eco-Friendly Wines and Dry Wines. Fine Wines Selection boasts handpicked bottles from the world's top wine regions.

You can pick your wines or let the company curate a batch for you. If you prefer being surprised, take a quick quiz, and Firstleaf's specialists will gauge your taste. Once you complete the questionnaire, you'll get a tailored wine offer. Note that recommended wines may not always make a perfect fit. And you can replace the bottles if you think you can make a better choice.

Every bottle comes packed with info. Some details are about flavor profiles, tasting notes, and pairing tips. Many of Firstleaf's wines are award-winners, which you can check on the product page. If you're after the stars of the show, keep an eye out for Firth & Vale, Weelderige Velde, and Prima Foglia.

The company ships its products to most of the US, including Hawaii and Alaska. The only exceptions are Utah and Mississippi.

You can get top-notch wines without breaking the bank with this service. The most pocket-friendly wines start at $7.49. And shipping's on the house if you buy 12 wines or more. Otherwise, the flat-rate shipping fee's $14.95. 

2. Naked Wines – Best Affordable Wine Club

Naked Wines' Arabella Reserve Chardonnay

Key Features

  • The wine subscription service has wines under $10

  • Around 150 of its wines won the gold medal

  • White, red, and sparkling wines are available

  • Current deal: Get 50% Off!

Naked Wines is sure to be a great fit if you're on the hunt for affordable top-tier wines. This wine delivery service collaborates with independent winemakers directly, skipping distributors and other go-betweens. As a result, it brings many well-reviewed wines by customers to the US, all without the hefty price tag. 

Naked Wines brings flavors from about a dozen countries. And France, Spain, Italy, Chile, and Australia are some of them. But the heart of its collection comes from the USA vineyards. 

The service has a whopping selection of 400+ types of wine in its assortment. Dive into the reds, and you're looking at 260+ options, while whites chime in with 100+ choices. Rosés and sparklings feature around 35 combined varieties, which is still plenty to spoil even the most discerning connoisseurs. 

This company has wines made of many grape varieties. Some that may ring a bell are Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, and Shiraz (Syrah). What's more, the service has wines that pair well with various foods, including vegetarian, vegan, and even organic. Mix and match Naked Wines bottles with Factor delivery service’s meals for the best results. a screenshot of naked wines' 2019 F. Stephen Millier Angels Reserve Lodi Chardonnay

Navigating your perfect bottle is easy with Naked Wines's filtering system. Besides sorting by wine or grape type or dietary preference, you can shortlist wines by a favorite winemaker. You can also choose based on alcohol content, say under 12% or over 14%. And there are filters for specials like medal winners and regions – think Sonoma or Washington.

This wine delivery service doesn't have a quiz for bottle personalization. So, if you're new to wines and don't know where to start, your best bet would be to choose Over 90% and Medal Winner filters in Rating and Special categories. Subscribe to Firstleaf if you prefer expert sommeliers to curate the box according to your palate. 

The business whips up some curated cases beyond individual bottles. You'll usually find them in packs containing 6 or 11 bottles. At the time of my 10 Cheapest Wine Clubs review, there were around 2 dozen available cases, like Essential Reds, Sensational Shiraz, and Best of Australia. Check out our in-depth review to learn more about curated cases.

Naked Wines delivers throughout the mainland US and to Hawaii and Alaska. Shipping times are typically 1 to 4 days. Depending on your location, you may expect delivery from Monday to Friday or Tuesday to Saturday. 

The service has some of the most affordable bottles in the market. Its wines start at $7.99. If you're watching your pennies, there's a handy filter to set your price range. Delivery fee depends on your location and order size. But most mainland customers get boxes for free or pay $9.99 for shipping. 

3. Vinesse – Best for Cheap Wines from Award-Winning Winemakers

Vinesse's Girl and Dragon Malbec wine

Key Features

Vinesse is a renowned wine subscription service that started building its name 3 decades ago. And it doesn't just scour USA vineyards in search of great wines but various continents. With it, you'll sip flavors from iconic wine nations like France, Italy, Argentina, and Australia. 

Vinesse is all about giving you a taste of award-winning estates. Sure, its prices tend to be a tad higher than Naked Wines', but it has plenty of options for you that won't break the bank. And if you've got a soft spot for local wines, it has a lot of American wines that are easy on the budget. Of course, you can find various reasonably-priced international picks on its menu, too. 

The service has extensive red, white, and sparkling wine options. If you're into rosés, use the filter to Shop Wines By Varietal. Speaking of filters, Shop Wines By Price and By Type are others I found pretty convenient. 

Wine Samplers lower the price tag per bottle compared to individual wines. I won't deny that Member's Favorite Trio (4 bottles, 3 Californian delights) featuring Indian Creek Lodi, Long Street Sonoma, and Bramble Ridge Sonoma tempted me. And don't get me started on the Dinnertime Must-Haves. a screenshot of Vinesse's 2021 AURELIA CELLARS LODI, CALIFORNIA ZINFANDEL

You'll find various grapes when you dive into the wine selection. Some of them are Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. Wines made of Zinfandel, Riesling, and Primitivo are also available, among others. Take a look at our complete review to learn how many grape varietals you’ll find on the menu. 

I stumbled upon a quiz on the Vinesse website during my research. It let me flag my wine faves, be it reds, whites, or both. Now, the questionnaire doesn't dive deep into the flavor and other nuances. So if you're looking for a super-tailored selection based on dozens of inputs, I recommend you open a Firstleaf account

The company brings bottles to your doorstep. But many subscribers, including me, were puzzled by a request to provide a business address during the sign-up. Note, it's just an optional step that may expedite delivery for 1 day and save you $2.50 for the residential surcharge. If you don’t run a business, don’t worry, your wine will find its way to you nonetheless. 

Vinesse delivers its products to consumers in the continental US, Alaska, and Hawaii, among other destinations. Shipping times are typically between 1 and 4 days, depending on your state of residence. 

The company's pricing favors customers with any budget. The price of its wines starts from $10.00. Shipping and handling fees depend on your order size and location. 

4. Bright Cellars – Best Wine Club for Bottle Personalization

Bright Cellars' Chilled Reds and Rosés

Key Features

  • The service has cocktails on offer

  • The company sells curated boxes only

  • You can get reds, whites, rosés, and sparklings

Bright Cellars is a game changer in personalized wine delivery. It has a knack for tailoring boxes based on your feedback. So, if you're new to the world of wine and feeling overwhelmed, this wine subscription service could be your best starting point.

Before we jump in, note that the price tag may not strike you as low initially. But I wish a service like this was around when I embarked on the wine discovery. It could have spared me hundreds of dollars on wines I'd rather forget, mark my words. 

Bright Cellars boasts an array of red, white, sparkling, and rosé wines. It has bottles from renowned wine regions in France, Italy, Spain, and Chile, among others. And if you're into American flavors, you can treat yourself to specially-selected bottles from California and Washington, among other wine regions.

The service offers cocktails as well, with some Margaritas on its menu. There are only a couple options so far, but they promise to bring you the sunny flavor of a Margarita without the help of a bartender.

Head over to any Bright Cellars' page to start a wine-personalization quiz. Note that some questions might seem off-track if you're a wine rookie. But wine experts crafted them to get a sense of your palate. Once you complete the questionnaire, you'll get bottle recommendations that match your taste. You can learn more about the quiz in our complete review. a screenshot of bright cellars' Hosting & Toasting Bundle

You can swap out suggested wines if you think others would make a better fit. Besides, you can choose the size of your order, whether it's 4, 6, or 12 bottles. If you're confident about your choices, I suggest going for more bottles to enjoy bigger savings. 

Bright Cellars has a unique approach that focuses on wine and cocktail bundles. That means you can't buy individual wines or Margs. Also, note that mixing and matching bottles from different bundles isn't an option. So, if you wish to combine individual wines with curated bundles, I recommend subscribing to Firstleaf

This service lacks regional filtering if you search for wines by region. But, if you have your heart set on wines from certain countries, contact its customer support. In my experience, agents are forthcoming and willing to make arrangements if the assortment allows it. 

Bright Cellars delivers to most of the contiguous US. Utah, Mississippi, and Delaware are the only exceptions. While delivery times can differ, the company provides you with tracking details once it generates your box's label. And if it's more convenient for you, you can have your order sent to a dedicated pickup facility.

The cost per bundle depends on its type and the number of bottles. The lowest price you can pay for a package is $10.00. Shipping's on the house if you order at least a 6-bottle box. Otherwise, you’ll pay the standard delivery fee of $10. 

5. Wine Insiders – Best Selection of Cheap French Wines

Wine Insiders' Paperbark White Blend

Key Features

  • Dozens of wines from Italy and the USA are on offer

  • You can buy individual bottles and curated packages

  • The company has red, white, and dessert wines

Check out Wine Insiders if you're on the hunt for budget-friendly wines. When I researched for my 10 Cheapest Wine Clubs Review, I found that this company had dozens of bottles priced under $15. That's seriously competitive pricing, placing the service on par with the most affordable wine deliveries I looked into. 

While the wine club shines with its French collection, it's not a 1-trick pony. It also has wines from all over the globe, with dozens of bottles from the USA, Italy, and Spain. And if you're up to wines from Australia, South Africa, and Chile, among other wine countries, you'll find up to several options on the business's menu. 

Wine Insiders boasts a diverse lineup. It has reds, whites, sparklings, and rosés in its assortment. And it has a select few sweet/dessert wines. Besides individual wines, you can check out sets that typically feature 3, 6, or 12 bottles. Take a look at our in-depth review to learn more about sets.

I found that even some individual wines managed to sneak into the Sets category. But, if you're watching your wallet, I don't think these would make it to the top of your list. 

The service has some canned wines if you like to sip on the go. These are typically available in sets of 4. Also, it has a selection of bottles catering to people enjoying vegan and organic food. But if you're a vegetarian, you should check out Naked Wines, which has around 200 vegetarian-friendly options. a screenshot of wine insider's 2021 Fair Oaks Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine Insiders is mainly about wines, but it has a little cocktail surprise for you. Think ready-made Margaritas in zesty lime, sweet strawberry, and tangy grapefruit flavors. So, even if you're picky about cocktails, it has something to tickle your taste buds.

Wine Insiders skips the wine-customization quiz thing. That means the choice is all yours, so you'll have to choose wisely to avoid any regret. If you don't mind letting the wine delivery service tailor your experience, think about giving Bright Cellars a shot.

The wine club delivers bottles to most of the mainland USA. But you'll have to try a different service if you live in Rhode Island, Delaware, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, South Dakota, or Utah. You can order no less than 3 bottles. 

As already stated, Wine Insiders is among the few most affordable wine deliveries. You can have a bottle of wine from some of the award-winning vineyards for as little as $8.99. As for delivery fees, you get your package for free if you buy at least 6 bottles. Otherwise, you pay the fixed-price shipping fee of $14.95. The mandatory processing fee is $2.95. 

6. The California Wine Club – Best California and Pacific Northwest Wines

Label of The California Wine Club's 2021 Sauvignon Blanc

Key Features

  • The company has over 100 American and international wines
  • You can buy red and white wines from this service
  • Some available grape varieties are Merlot, Zinfandel, and Chardonnay

The California Wine Club should make a great choice if you crave West Coast wines. The company has over 100 bottles, most of which originate in Sonoma Valley, Napa Valley, Lodi, and other Golden State vineyards. And a few dozen of them are pretty wallet-friendly, priced no more than 20 bucks. 

California wines steal the spotlight, but you can order wines from the Pacific Northwest, too. These tend to be pricier, with no bottles cheaper than $20. So, if you're watching your wallet, you should stick to the tried-and-true Californian selections.

But I also found wines from lesser-known wine countries during my research. And Austria, Germany, New Zealand, and Canada were among them. It was strange that no South African, Argentinian, or Australian wines were available. But I suppose it changes since the wine club introduces new bottles each month, as stressed in our complete review. 

The California Wine Club has a filtering system letting you shortlist wines quickly. And you can browse your favorite wines through the following filters: 

  • Categories

  • Red Wine

  • White Wine

  • Region

  • Wine Club Levels

Each of these filters has at least a few sub-filters. And you can apply only 1 of them at a time. Once you select a sub-filter, you can filter options by price, price range, and grape varietal, depending on your selection. a screenshot of california wine club's LA CZAR VINEYARDS 2022 LODI ROUSSANNE

If you select Categories, some available options will be Best Value and Beyond California. If you go for reds, you can opt for All Red Wines, Merlot, Pinot Noir, and Other Red Wines, among other choices. Some White Wine alternatives are All White Wines, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc. 

In general, most sub-categories cater to people with tight budgets. But some you can clearly skip before the time for splurging comes are Collectibles, Aged Cabernet Series, and the lion's share of Highly Rated Wines. Check out Firstleaf for a decent assortment of award-winning bottles that are easy on the wallet, some of which are from California.

There's no wine-personalization quiz on The California Wine Club's website. So, you'll be steering your wine journey entirely on your own. But, if you're a newbie and could use some help, taking the Bright Cellars quiz might just give you the direction you need.

The wine club delivers its products throughout the United States. Most deliveries take no more than 2 business days from the day you place an order. If you need your order urgently, you may get your shipment in 1 day via air delivery. 

The company has a decent selection of low-cost bottles. You can have its wines for as little as $10.99. If you're a member of the Premier Series, the most affordable membership, the shipping fee is $16 in addition to applicable handling fees and taxes.

7. Wine Awesomeness – Great Selection of Budget-Friendly Bottles

Wine Awesomeness's 2019 Chateau Riviere Minervois

Key Features

  • Mystery Packs available to keep things interesting

  • You can buy individual bottles or curated packs

  • The wine club has whites, reds, and rosés on offer

Wine Awesomeness boasts an array of budget-friendly wines. It brings in bottles from a mix of famed and off-the-beaten-path wine regions. The pricing might be a bit higher than some of the super-budget clubs you can find in my Cheapest Wine Clubs Review. But, I spotted close to 50 bottles at its most affordable rate, with a bunch more just a few dollars up.

The wine club sources bottles from well-known wine hotspots around the globe. And wines from France, Italy, and Spain are in its assortment, to name a few. Also expect to see labels from Chile, Australia, South Africa, Portugal, Germany, and New Zealand, among other countries.

But what caught me off guard was that only a few wines came from the USA. At the same time, I found around 2 dozen French and nearly as many Italian wines on offer, for example. So, if you're after cheap American wines, I suggest you check out Vinesse

You'll navigate Wine Awesomeness easily thanks to the in-depth filtering system. You can sift through available options by country, grape variety, type of wine, and curated packs, among other options. And if you're up for a little adventure, opt for mystery packs. You'll know what's inside them only once you receive them. a screenshot of wine awesomeness's 2022 Atico Macabeo

You can browse the most famous grape varieties through the dedicated filter. Chardonnay, Malbec, Syrah/Shiraz, and Sauvignon Blanc will be there. If you can't see your favorite grape type there, pop it into the search bar. Voilà, the list of individual wines and bundles featuring that very grape will appear. 

The by type filter covers you whether you're into reds, whites, rosés, sparklings, or organics. And if you're trying to snag a deal, check out the last call 40% off filter. But a heads up, these bottles fly off the shelves, so keep an eye on this filter as often as possible to get the best bang for your buck. 

As stressed in our review, the wine club curates its bottles monthly. And many wines tend to run out of stock long before Wine Awesomeness's sommeliers curate the following wine list. So, be quick to secure your favorite wines when you can. Or you can entrust the company's experts to curate the package for you. 

Wine Awesomeness delivers wines to most continental US states. Due to various alcohol distribution laws, it currently doesn't deliver only to Utah, Mississippi, South Dakota, and Arkansas. 

The wine club has products for various budgets, including budget hunters. The price of its wines starts from $13.25. You don't pay delivery costs if your order is worth at least $150. If it falls short, the shipping fee depends on the weight of your package and your location. 

8. Macy’s Wine Shop – Affordable Wines for Weddings

Macy's Wine Shop's 2022 Bleu Azur Grenache Rosé

Key Features

  • You can buy vintages from 2015 onward

  • Choose between reds, whites, and sparklings

  • Available wine types are dry, semi-sweet, and sweet

Macy's Wine Shop has a considerable selection of bottles for weddings. Just head to Collections in the header and select the Wedding Wine Shop sub-category. You should find over a dozen options priced between $15 and $20 there and a few even under $15. And many of them have 90+ ratings, according to the wine club. 

You'll come across several collections while browsing Macy's Wine Shop. And these are New Arrivals, Award Winners, Vegan, and Organic. But if you're hunting for a deal, 90+ Rated Under $20 is sure to catch your eye. During my latest review, though, there was just 1 bottle in that category. So, keep an eye out, as this selection surely grows from time to time.

Macy's Wine Club offers more than just curated collections. You can check its vast array of reds, whites, rosés, and sparklings. If you're after blends, the wine delivery service has wines that combine 2 or more grape varieties, such as the 2020 Domaine Saint Andre Rouge red wine. And if you're aiming for the stars, check out the top-rated red and white options. 

You can also browse wines by your favorite grape variety. If you're a red wine fan, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot, and Pinot Noir are a few of dozens of options. If whites are more your style, go for Chardonnay, Malvasia, Vermentino, and Pinot Grigio, for example. Rosé fans should keep an eye out for Grenache and Carignan. Glera and Moscato are some of the sparkling options. a screenshot of macy's wine shop's 2020 Calandrelle Vielles Vignes Pays d'Herault Carignan

You can also search for wines by country of origin. The number of options may vary depending on the type of wine you choose. Check out our full review for more details, but it generally ranges from 4 for sparkling wines to 11 for red and white bottles. The USA, France, Spain, Italy, Argentina, and Australia are some countries whose wines you'll find on this wine club's menu. 

There are other useful filters you can put to use on the company website. And these are Vintage (Non-Vintage, 2015, 2022...) and Type (Dry, Semi-sweet, and Sweet). Of course, I left the sweetest for the end, and that's Price. Some available options you can pick in this category are Under $10, $10-$15, and $15-$20

The service has a large wine assortment, but it doesn't have cocktails. If you mix and match wines and Margaritas, I think that Wine Insiders would make a better fit for you

Macy's Wine Shop delivers bottles to 40 contiguous US states. You can buy its wines if you don't live in Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Delaware, South Dakota, or Utah. 

The wine delivery service has competitive pricing. You can buy its cheapest bottles for as little as $10.99. You won't pay a delivery fee if you order at least 6 bottles, just a few-dollar processing fee. Otherwise, calculate an extra $14.95 for shipping. 

9. Monthly Clubs – Best for Pairing Wines and Cheeses

Monthly Clubs' Nugan Estate Alfredo Dried Grape Shiraz 2014

Key Features

  • You can also join Beer, Chocolate, and Cigar clubs

  • The company features 4 wine clubs

  • The wine delivery service has red and white wines on offer

You and Monthly Clubs may be a great match if you enjoy a glass of wine with artisanal cheese. The company has 4 clubs for wine and 2 focused around cheese. And each club has some handy tips to help enhance your sipping and nibbling experience.

Available wine clubs are:

  • The Premier Series 

  • The Bold Reds 

  • The Masters Series 

  • The Collectors Series

The Premier Series is the most popular wine club by far. By joining it, you can choose to receive 2 red or white boutique wines or 1 of each every month. But regardless of the chosen club, you'll get tasting notes, bottles from acclaimed wine regions, and winemaker profiles. Our reviewer noted that the membership fee is associated with each club. 

Monthly Clubs landed on my Cheapest Wine Clubs list thanks to its Wine Store's offerings. It may not be one of the best wine delivery services based on my and my colleagues' expert opinion. But you can still buy great reds and whites affordably from this service. Many bottles come with a sub-$20 price tag. 

It seems to me that this wine subscription is light on the rosé and sparkling front. While digging around, I only found a single rosé and zero sparklings. If those are your go-tos, turn your attention to Naked Wines. a screenshot of monthly clubs' Rieslingfreak No. 44 Eden Valley Riesling 2022

But you'll be at home with red and white wines. To browse them, select Wine Store in the header and use the search bar once the page opens. You can also navigate the menu by wine type (red or white), grape varietal (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, etc.), or country of origin (France, Portugal, etc.). 

Use handy side filters to refine your search. Grape Varietals, Price, and Country are some of them. When I looked, I noticed many international wines, but just a lone US bottle. And oddly enough, there were no Spanish wines in the mix. That struck me as surprising given that Spain is 1 of the top 3 wine nations in the world. 

With Monthly Clubs, you rely on your tastes and instincts to pick wines. The company doesn't have a wine personalization questionnaire to guide your selection. But if you'd rather have expert help to tailor choices to your palate, I recommend checking out Firstleaf

The wine subscription service ships wine to a good chunk of the mainland USA. You won't be able to buy its bottles only if you're in Alabama, Mississippi, Utah, Massachusetts, or Michigan.

The company has wines for people with different budgets. And you can snag some drinks for as low as $20.98. Keep in mind that there's also a shipping fee, which varies based on how many bottles you order. So, expect to pay from $15 for a bottle or 2 up to $36 for 11 or 12 wines. Note that the company fills a new box beyond that amount. 

10. Winc – Affordable Sustainably-Produced Wine

Winc's Lost Poet Red Blend

Key Features

  • The company's sustainable wines are free of gluten

  • There are a few dozen international bottles on offer

  • The service has red, white, and rosé wines

Winc sources wine from wineries that follow sustainable production practices. And it's a member of the 1% for the Planet, an international organization that donates 1% of sales toward eco causes. You can handpick your favorites or take an on-site quiz if you're feeling adventurous. It would help wine experts understand your palate and tailor your box accordingly. 

You have to become a member to get your hands on Winc's selection. This wine subscription service doesn't let you shop a la carte, which our in-depth review confirms. But here's the silver lining to it if you're watching your wallet. By becoming a member, you'll snag discounts on regular prices. These can usually save you a few bucks on low-cost wines. 

The quiz features several questions. And some are about your preference for whites or reds, flavors you enjoy, and wine regions you're curious about. I think the questionnaire is nifty, but it's not as detailed compared to some other wine clubs on my list. So, if you're all about precision and maximizing your chances of getting that perfect bottle, consider giving Firstleaf a shot.

Winc had about 50 wines when I last checked for my Cheapest Wine Clubs Review. And about a third of these hailed from the USA, mostly sunny California. And some of them were 2019 Folly of the Beast® Chardonnay, the 2019 Funk Zone® Red Blend, and the 2022 Lost Poet Rosé. a screenshot of winc's 2021 Atavist Merlot South Australia

The wine delivery service has sustainably-produced wines from various nations. When I looked, the company had bottles from France, South Africa, and Austria, among other countries. But there isn't a direct filter to search bottles by country. So, if you have a soft spot for wines from specific regions, I suggest trying Naked Wines

But you can shortlist wines by Varietal, Palate, and Values. Red Blend, White Blend, and Zinfandel are a few varietals while Dry and Semi Sweet are a few available palates. Some Values you’ll find there are Organic Grapes, Organic Wines, and Certified Vegan. If you're after food that pairs well with organic wines, check out our selection of the best organic meal delivery services

Winc delivers wines to most of the continental US. Due to state regulations, it can't send bottles to connoisseurs in Arkansas, Alabama, Delaware, Rhode Island, Kentucky, South Dakota, Mississippi, and Utah. Shipping times are generally between 3 and 7 business days, depending on your proximity to the company fulfillment center. 

The wine subscription service has wines for budget hunters, among other consumers. You can have its wines for as little as $12.00. The flat-rate delivery fee is $9 if you buy 3 bottles or less. If you go for 4 or more wines, you get your order for free. 

Quick Comparison Table

Starting Price

Minimum Order

Ideal for

Wine Type

Active Deals


$7.49 per bottle

1 bottle

Domestic and international wine connoisseurs

Reds, whites, rosés, and sparklings 

First box of 6 wines for only $45.00 from Firstleaf

🥈Naked Wines

$7.99 per bottle

6 bottles

Budget hunters

Reds, whites, rosés, sparklings, and dessert & fortified

Get 50% Off! from Naked Wines


$10.00 per bottle

1 bottle

People seeking wines from award-winning vineyards

Reds, whites, rosés, and sparklings

Enjoy 6 Exceptional Wines for Just $41.94 from Vinesse

Bright Cellars

$10.00 per package

3 bottles

For wine beginners and those after bottles for special occasions

Reds, whites, rosés, and sparklings (and Margaritas)

Get your first 6 bottles for $55! from Bright Cellars

Wine Insiders

$8.99 per bottle

3 bottles

French wine aficionados

Reds, whites, rosés, sparklings, and dessert wines (and Margaritas)

Get 10% off + FREE shipping! from Wine Insiders

The California Wine Club

$10.99 per bottle

1 bottle

Fans of California wine

Reds and whites

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Wine Awesomeness

$13.25 per bottle

1 bottle

Connoisseurs of international wines

Reds, whites, rosés, and sparklings 

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Macy’s Wine Shop

$10.99 per bottle

1 bottle

People looking for wedding wines

Reds, whites, rosés, and sparklings

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Monthly Clubs

$20.98 per bottle

1 bottle

For wine and cheese aficionados

Reds and whites

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$12.00 per package

1 bottle

For eco-conscious wine drinkers

Reds, whites, rosés, and sparklings

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Tips for Choosing the Cheapest Wine Club 

Now you know what the finest cheap wine clubs are. At this point, you only have to decide which suits you and your wallet best. To do that, consider the following points:

  • Wine preference: Think about your desired type of wine. The most common categorization involves white, red, rosé, and sparkling wines. But some wine clubs, such as Naked Wines, also have Alcohol by Volume (ABV) filters. Many wine delivery services also let you browse bottles by country of origin and grape varietal. 

  • Budget: Don't just glance at the price tag when browsing wines. Some wine clubs might lower the price but expect you to buy multiple bottles or even slap on a membership fee. If you want a straightforward experience with quality wines that won't break the bank, consider opening a Firstleaf account.

  • Delivery eligibility: All wine clubs on my list deliver to most of the continental US, at the very least. But some states, including Utah, Mississippi, and Arkansas, have strict policies about the import of alcoholic beverages, making delivery complicated at best. Still, some of them, like Vinesse, ship wines to customers in those states, Hawaii, and Alaska. 

  • Shipping and handling fees: Delivery fees tend to inflate the bill, especially if you order 1 or 2 bottles. In some cases, shipping and handling fees may exceed the price of the bottle, so going for large orders is always worthwhile. Some wine clubs require you to buy a dozen bottles for free shipping, while you can get free delivery with Bright Cellars for a 6-bottle purchase


Are winery clubs worth it?

Yes, wine clubs are worth it if you're a regular wine consumer. They provide bottles at more competitive prices than your local stores. And you can get your package at your doorstep. Various experts consider Firstleaf one of the top wine delivery services on the market.

What are the big 6 in wine?

The big 6 in wine refers to 3 globally recognized white grape varieties and 3 red variants. For whites, the big players are Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Riesling. As for reds, Pinot Noir and Syrah (Shiraz) hold the spotlight. Chief competitors for the third place are Merlot and Cabernet, which are alike and often blended together. Naked Wines is a great source of all these varietals.

What is the wine capital of the world?

Bordeaux in Aquitaine, Southwestern France, is the world’s wine capital. But there are many other celebrated wine regions in France and around the globe. Speaking of France, Champagne and Burgundy are other renowned wine regions. If you go beyond France, Verona in Italy, Bilbao in Spain, Adelaide in Australia, and Mendoza in Argentina are a few acclaimed wine capitals. Check out Vinesse’s selection of wines from these regions.

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