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Bright Cellars Review 2024: Are Its Wines Worth It?

Author Zoran Trifunovic
Zoran Trifunovic Writer
Updated on Apr 5th, 2024
Fact checked by Emma Vince


Bright Cellars has a wide selection of wines sourced from vineyards around the world. It’s a Milwaukee-based wine delivery service that delivers its products straight to your doorstep if you live in the contiguous US. 

The company's sommeliers curate quality wine subscription boxes. And the collection has you covered whether you prefer sweet and fruity or dry and tannic wines. And if you aren't sure which type of wine is right for you, Bright Cellars has a way to help you figure it out. 

In my opinion, Bright Cellars is among the best wine delivery services. However, it has a high price tag to match. I’ve delved into the details of this service to see if the benefits outweigh its drawbacks. Read on to get my comprehensive expert opinions!



Large wine selectionPackages tend to be pricey
Taste personalization quizDelivery restrictions to some states
Replace any wine you don't likeLimited international wine options

Bright Cellars’s Selection

Bright Cellars has a good range of reds and whites on offer. And while these take center stage, you can also find some rosés and sparkling wines on the menu, too. 

But Bright Cellars doesn't stop at just wine. The service has also broken into the bottled cocktail market. It has a selection of Margaritas, including classic and strawberry varieties. You can also get salt, sugar, or spicy chili-lime seasoning to rim your Margarita glasses. Bright Cellars' homepage

Wine Variety

Bright Cellars has a selection of various local US wines. Lodi, California and Columbia Valley, Washington are some regions whose drinks you can taste. If you're in the mood for imported wines, find specially-selected options from Spain, Chile, and other countries. Small and unique wine estates are the service’s primary source of wines. 

You can browse wines by their flavor profiles. These include apple, watermelon, strawberry, chocolate, and ginger, among other notes.  Riesling 2022 flavor profile

Select Shop in the header to browse Bright Cellars' offerings. You'll find wines and cocktails neatly categorized for seamless browsing. Red Wine, White Wine, Margaritas, and Influencer Picks are some available categories. Note that the team formulates new boxes once a month, so you’ll automatically receive a new selection every month if you subscribe.  The Shop feature on Bright Cellars' website

I found wines suitable for various occasions on the Bright Cellars menu. For example, the company has options for celebrations, such as weddings and bridal showers. And if you need a couple of bottles for dinner among friends, the service has you covered. Bright Cellars' The Bridal Box

When you select a bundle, you’ll find detailed information about the wine included. This data provides various insights, such as the best serving temperature for each bottle.  Particular wine info on Bright Cellars' site

You'll also discover how much alcohol by volume the drink contains, like 14.7%. Pairing suggestions, like pizza or fries, are also available. Additionally, pay attention to the flavor profile expressed by various ingredients, including apple, lemon zest, herbs, and sea salt. 


You can choose from various bundle selections on Bright Cellars' menu. Depending on the bundle, you can choose between 4, 6, or any other set number of wines and cocktails. But aside from this, personalization options are quite limited.  Available purchase options of a Bright Cellars' bundle of wines

I found that the service doesn't allow individual bottle purchases. There's no opportunity to select wines from different bundles and create a customized mix – at least not at this stage. But more on that a bit later. 

When browsing the menu, your only option is to buy pre-determined sets. So, if you'd like to purchase 1 French, 1 Italian, and 1 Californian wine, you can't have them unless they are part of a single bundle. 

How Bright Cellars Works

Subscribe to Bright Cellars to take advantage of various membership benefits. Reward points for every dollar spent and referral bonuses are some of them. 

In this section, I’ll guide you through the registration process step by step. But before I dive in, note that you don't have to be a member to purchase the wine delivery service's products. 

How to Sign Up

Follow these steps to register an account and take advantage of the membership benefits:

  1. Click on “Log In” in the top-right corner of the screen and choose “Create account.”

Creating a Bright Cellars account

  1. Type your first and last names, email address, and password, and hit “Register.”

Bright Cellars' Create Account page

  1. The system prompts you to the homepage. Go to the “Account” page to review your account. 

Bright Cellars' Account page

  1. Check your email to confirm your subscription. Click on the confirmation link. You'll also receive a welcome message. 

Bright Cellars' subscription confirmation message

  1. Refresh your Account page to check the tiers and accompanying benefits. 

Bright Cellars membership tiers


You can take a quiz to learn which wines suit your taste before or after you register. Find the “Take the Quiz” link at the top of any Bright Cellars page. You need a few minutes to complete the questionnaire. To begin, choose the option that describes you better – Wine Newbie or Wine Lover. How to start the Bright Cellars wine personalization questionnaire

The next step was stating my email and the residential state. Here, you can see from the drop-down list if the wine delivery service ships its products to you. If your state isn't eligible for delivery, you won't be able to choose it.  The beginning of the Bright Cellars quiz

You’ll need to answer some questions you might not expect for this type of quiz. For example, my first question was about my favorite kind of chocolate. Once you answer, hit “Next” in the top-right corner of the screen. Bright Cellars' 1st wine-personalization question

Some other questions seemingly had little to do with wines, too. One was related to tea, while others were about your favorite non-wine drink (beer, martini, etc.) and your favorite juice. 

These questions all help Bright Cellars narrow down your taste profile. This is how it generates recommendations that you are most likely to enjoy. As a wine newbie, I thought this was a fun way to figure out my ideal wines. Bright Cellars' personalized wine matches

Scroll down to select the box size once you review the wines. Note that the larger the package, the bigger the saving is. And you benefit from free delivery for 6- and 12-bottle orders. 

Bright Cellars' box size selection

The Order Process

Proceed to purchase once you personalize your order and choose the box. The steps are the following: 

  1. Hit “Checkout” at the bottom of the page, below the Meet your matches and Choose your box size sections. 

Bright Cellars Checkout button

  1. Enter some basic info, such as your name, address, phone, and zip code. Once done, select Continue to shipping method

Bright Cellars Checkout button

  1. Review your purchase and choose the delivery method. In my case, only ground shipping was available. 

Bright Cellars shipping method page

  1. Select the preferred payment method and specify the billing address. Then, select “Pay now” to finalize your purchase. 

Bright Cellars Payment page


You'll receive Bright Cellars wines in the cardboard box. Once you open the flaps, you'll find various cards. One of these introduces the wines and their recommended serving temperatures. Wine cards dive into the details of each wine, so check them out. 

You'll also notice that the wines are thoughtfully packed in layers. And the bottles are well protected from breakage thanks to dividers. 

Boxes you receive from this wine delivery service are recyclable. In short, you can recycle the box, dividers, and bottles, with the exception of corks. I appreciate that the company limits its use of cardboard.

Top Bright Cellars Wines

Note that the wine selection may differ from month to month. That's because the wine delivery service's team regularly tests new wines and curates the assortment monthly. At the time of my Bright Cellars review, I discovered that these particular wines stood out among the others:

Pinot Grigio 2021

Produced in Paso Robles, California, Pinot Grigio 2021 is a light and crisp wine. This white wine pairs well with sweet potato fries, my favorite side, and prosciutto and melon, among other meals. Bright Cellars' Pinot Grigio 2021

The wine has notes of lemon, apricot, and apple. Its alcohol by volume (ABV) is 11.8%, and the serving temperature is 55°F to 60°F. I found it in the White Wine Variety Bundle. 

Merlot 2021

Merlot 2021 is another Californian wine I found attractive. It pairs well with Rack of Lamb and vegetarian kebabs.  Merlot 2021 offered by Bright Cellars

Its ABV is 13.6% and the serving temperature's 60°F to 65°F. You'll like the wine if you're a fan of chocolate, blueberry, blackberry, and clove. If you like the sound of this wine, look for it in the Wine Tasting Bundle.  

Montepulciano 2021

Montepulciano 2021 is a great red wine produced in South Coast, California. You’ll find that this wine pairs well with BBQ Ribs, Quinoa Paprika Black Bean Bowl, and Deep Dish Pizza, among other meals. To order 1st-class meals designed by expert dietitians and prepared by experienced cooks, check out our selection of the best meal delivery services Montepulciano 2021 from Bright Cellars' Cabin 5 Montepulciano Bundle

This red wine's serving temperature is 55°F to 60°F. Its ABV is 13.8%, and it features Dill, Black Licorice, Black Cherry, and Campfire flavors. Search for the wine in the Cabin 5 Montepulciano Bundle. 

Shipping & Delivery

Bright Cellars delivers wines to most of the contiguous US states. Delaware, Mississippi, and Utah are the only mainland states where this wine delivery company doesn't ship. In addition, it doesn't deliver to Hawaii and Alaska. 

Depending on your location, FedEx or UPS will deliver your wine. The wine delivery service ships orders between 2 and 4 business days after you place an order. Tracking info will follow as soon as the label’s created. You’ll receive the estimated delivery day shortly after that. 

Note that an adult has to sign for the reception of a Bright Cellars order. FedEx or UPS won't accept a signature or note left on your door. So, show your government-issued photo ID when the delivery arrives. 

You can have your shipment sent to a dedicated facility if unsure you'll be home. FedEx has Print & Ship and OnSite locations, while UPS has Customer Care facilities and UPS Stores. The couriers will keep your boxes for up to 5 business days. FedEx doesn't charge for holding your package at its facility, unlike UPS, which charges between $5 and $10.

If your bottles arrive damaged, contact Bright Cellars' concierge team for compensation. Additionally, the carrier will also notify the company of the damage. You can choose reshipment or a full refund for reimbursement. 

Customer Support

I had a great experience with Bright Cellars' customer support team. Getting in touch with an agent was a breeze via the dedicated icon in the lower-right corner of every page on the company website. Check quick responses to frequently asked questions. But if you require assistance from an actual person, choose the “Leave A Message” option. Bright Cellars' live support

My first question was about whether the service delivers to Rhode Island. At this point, I hadn't taken the wine personalization quiz yet. Also, I was curious whether Bright Cellars offers French and Italian wines. I reached out before work hours, and Lindsey responded as soon as she started working. 

I checked the menu and couldn’t find any French or Italian wines. So I reached out once more to ask where to find them. Lindsey responded that the wine delivery service doesn't have a curated case of French and Italian wines at this point. But, she offered to create a custom case of available Italian and French wines through the service's custom wine team.  Another Bright Cellars customer support team's response

You can get in touch with customer support via mail or phone, too. But, personally, I found the live chat option efficient and convenient. In addition, you can check out the comprehensive FAQ section you can find in the footer. 

You can cancel your subscription from your account page. You can also contact customer service for help. 

How to Cancel Bright Cellars

You can cancel the Bright Cellars subscription in a few simple steps, which are:

  1. Sign into your account.

  2. Send an email to customer support. Provide all the essential details.

Bright Cellars' Contact Us page

  1. Wait for a customer representative's response, which typically arrives in 72 hours.


Starting from


Shipping fee

$72 for 3 bottles per month


Free or $10

$94 for 4 bottles per month


$160 for 3 bottles per month

Wine Experiences

$84 for 4 bottles per month

Red Wine

$84 for 4 bottles per month

White Wine

$84 for 4 bottles per month

Rose + Sparkling Wine

$141 for 4 bottles per month

Influencer Picks

The more bottles you purchase, the greater the savings. For instance, if you opt for a 4-bottle box, you can save approximately 45%. However, if you decide to go for a 12-bottle box per month, you can enjoy a discount of over 50%. And you get a bigger discount for future purchases. 

Also, you don't pay for shipping when you meet the minimum order amount. Typically, this applies to orders that exceed the minimum purchase requirement. So, if the minimum purchase is 4 bottles, you don't pay for delivery if you buy 6 or more bottles.  Bright Cellars' price and shipping cost overview

Cancel your order within 24 hours of the order processing for a full refund. You'll still get your money even if you miss the deadline, but the wine delivery service will deduct a fee of $25 from your refund.

Gift Subscription

You can send a Bright Cellars gift card to your fellow wine enthusiasts. Choose a digital gift card in any of the following amounts: $75, $150, $250, $500, or $1,000. To purchase a gift card, go to “Shop” in the header and then click on Gift Cards as the drop-down list appears.  Bright Cellars' Shop drop-down menu

You'll receive the gift card in your inbox almost instantly. Then, forward it to the lucky giftee. The recipient can apply the gift card to their 1st order to redeem a discount if they're a new subscriber. If they already have a Bright Cellars account, they'll have to reach out to customer support to get a deal. 

The Bottom Line: Is Bright Cellars Worth It?

Bright Cellars is an excellent choice for novice and longtime wine drinkers who enjoy discovering new varieties. Its expert sommeliers research every corner of the world to curate a selection of delicious wines. And its customer support team is ready to go the extra mile to help you get your favorite wines. 

This service may not be the right fit if you're particular about the wine selection. You can swap out matches each month, true, but you don't have the same freedom in choosing wines compared to other services. Even so, I consider Bright Cellars among the best wine delivery services in the USA, especially for inexperienced wine drinkers. 


Is Bright Cellars good?

Yes, Bright Cellars is a great choice for new and seasoned wine lovers. If you subscribe, you’ll get wines specifically tailored to your taste preferences delivered to your doorstep. All you have to do is complete a quick quiz that helps the service team understand your unique palate. Based on your responses, it curates wine options for you every month.  

Is Bright Cellars easy to cancel?

Yes, Bright Cellars is easy to unsubscribe from. You can do so via your account or by contacting customer support. If you send an email to customer care, you can expect a response within 72 hours.  

How does Bright Cellars subscription work?

The team matches you with wines that align with your individual preferences. Once you register an account and complete a questionnaire, you'll receive new wines handpicked for you on a monthly basis. This personalized approach ensures you consistently discover and enjoy wines tailored to your taste.

How much does Bright Cellars cost per month?

Bright Cellars membership is free. You only pay for your monthly order.

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