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Updated on Apr 19th, 2024
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Best Wet Cat Food in 2024: Prices and Pros & Cons

The market teems with pet food services selling wet feline meals. Still, many of them offer food with questionable ingredients that provide little to no nutritional value for your little friend. To help you choose services that produce high-quality meals that help your kitty thrive and lead a healthy lifestyle, I researched and created the Best Wet Cat Food guide.

Most companies I listed provide food for cats at various life stages, and some have specialized options for kittens. Each offers meals made with quality ingredients, including animal-derived proteins, fruits, vegetables, and even superfoods. Also, some offer extras like treats, supplements, and accessories.

I consider Smalls the top choice for wet cat food delivery. It provides meals crafted from human-grade ingredients and includes free items with orders. Furthermore, it lets you customize your Tom's or Queen's meals according to their needs and tastes. But, other services in my list have unique qualities, too, so read on to find the ideal option for your feline friend. 

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Wet Cat Food Delivery Services

  1. Smalls – Best fresh cat recipes overall

  2. The Honest Kitchen – Best grain-free wet feline meals 

  3. Raised Right –Best wet recipes for adult housecats

  4. Open Farm – Best eco-friendly wet kitty meals

  5. Cat Person – Best high-protein wet food for cats

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Best Wet Cat Food Delivery Services Reviewed

1. Smalls – Best Fresh Cat Recipes Overall

Smalls' Ground Bird dish

Key Features

Smalls ranks highest on my list for several key reasons. Firstly, it uses only high-quality ingredients and prepares them to maintain nutritional value. Secondly, it collaborates with veterinarians to develop recipes for cats at all life stages. And the service offers personalized meal plans for your pet. But this is just the beginning, as you're about to find out. 

What’s on Offer?

Smalls offers 5 recipes featuring different proteins, some of which are available in 2 textures. For cats favoring ground food, choose the Ground Bird Recipe or Ground Other Bird Recipe. If your cat prefers smooth, pâté-like meals, then the Smooth Bird Recipe, Smooth Other Bird Recipe, Pig, Fish, and Bird & Fish are ideal options.

Bird recipes feature chicken as the primary protein, while Other Bird recipes use turkey. The Fish recipe contains white fish, while Bird & Fish features chicken and salmon. Pig includes pork. Alongside the main ingredients, all recipes contain other human-grade ingredients like green beans, yeast, pumpkin, and spinach, varying by dish.

Smalls' cat food is free of preservatives, fillers, and other additions you wouldn't have your mouser eat. The team cooks the ingredients at low temperatures for a long time to maintain their nutritional value and then freezes the food to keep nutrients. Read our review to learn more.

What Makes It Special?

Every ingredient is human-grade, matching the quality of food humans eat. The company sources fresh ingredients in the USA and Canada and prepares meals in its New Jersey facility. Each batch undergoes a pathogens test and must meet strict quality standards before shipping.

Smalls has a detailed meal customization quiz. It considers aspects like age, health, current food, protein preferences, and medical concerns.

Take advantage of Smalls' money-back guarantee if you're unsure if your feline will adapt to it. If she doesn't like the food or has trouble adjusting to the new meals, reach out to Cat Concierge for a full refund. Note that you should request a refund within 30 days of the delivery date.

Is It Good Value?

Smalls delivers great value for your investment. Notably, 90% of customers report health enhancements in their cats. Furthermore, 78% have noticed shinier coats, while 64% have observed increased energy levels in their felines and less smelly litter boxes.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that complimentary treats come in the sampler box. I was even happier to learn that these welcome extras are part of every delivery, not just a 1-time occurrence, for my mouser's life. 

The cost of Smalls' meals varies based on several factors, such as your cat's appetite and age. But the most affordable item will cost you $5 per meal.

2. The Honest Kitchen – Best Grain-Free Wet Feline Meals

The Honest Kitchen's Minced Chicken in Bone Broth Gravy

Key Features

The Honest Kitchen has some of the largest wet food selections for cats. These are made of real ingredients and have a high nutritional value. To make it so, the company follows safety standards that include over 100 requirements. Besides wet meals, you can also buy various essential extras on its website. 

What’s on Offer?

The Honest Kitchen caters to owners of picky cats. It has an extensive range of wet cat food recipes, totaling 10 at my last count. The consistently high ratings of each dish from dozens of cat owners have led me to place this service second among the best wet cat food options.

You have a choice of proteins with this provider. Single-protein recipes include chicken and turkey. Multi-protein varieties also include beef, salmon, cod, and duck. Meals are available in 2 textures – gravy and pate. You can buy a variety pack consisting of 4 recipes of each type.

The Honest Kitchen has cat treats, toppers, and supplements. My cats crave White Fish and Herring treats. I also highly recommend Salmon & Pollock and Chicken & Duck toppers. And you can find Instant Goat Milk and Perfect Form Herbal Digestive supplements on offer. 

What Makes It Special?

I find The Honest Kitchen's meal custom quiz a notable feature. This tool tailors your cat's meals based on your responses to various questions. Still, I found this quiz less detailed than Smalls', which I suggest checking out, particularly for cats with health concerns.

You can consult with an HonestExpert for guidance on your pet's nutrition, a feature detailed in our full review. These consultations last 15 minutes.

The company sources human-grade, non-GMO ingredients. Its proteins come from animals caught in the wild and domesticated animals that roam free. 

Is It Good Value?

The Honest Kitchen's recipes provide excellent value. Four out of 5 customers reported improved digestion in their pets after switching to these meals. Besides, 77% observed enhanced overall well-being, and 71% noted improvements in their pets' skin and coat health.

The price of The Honest Kitchen's wet meals remains consistent, irrespective of the protein type and texture chosen. The most budget-friendly product from this provider costs $5.99 for dry food.

3. Raised Right – Best Wet Recipes for Adult Housecats

Raised Right's Original Cat Recipe

Key Features

  • The provider has an on-site feeding calculator

  • All recipes are vet-formulated and approved

  • The company's offerings are low in carbs

  • Current deal: 20% Off Your First Box (16 Bags)

Raised Right meets various criteria the best wet cat food deliveries have to fulfill. It creates nutritious and delicious recipes using high-quality ingredients, developed alongside pet food experts. Its recipes are rich in protein and low in carbs, free from superfluous ingredients. Moreover, the company helps you calculate the cost of your pet's diet.

What’s on Offer?

Raised Right presents 4 recipes for cat owners. These are Original Turkey Adult Cat Recipe, Original Chicken Adult Cat Recipe, Turkey & Pumpkin Paté for Adult Cats, and Chicken & Pumpkin Paté for Adult Cats. Check out Smalls for options suitable for all life stages.

Chicken and turkey are the only available proteins. If your cat prefers others, The Honest Kitchen provides a broader selection. But what sets Raised Right apart is the use of fruits and veggies, even superfoods. Some complimentary ingredients in its recipes are pumpkin, spearmint, and carrot. 

Furthermore, Raised Right has treats for your furry friend. Meat Bites include beef, lamb, turkey, or pork liver, depending on your choice. You'll also find Shake A Flake toppers, which come in beef, turkey, and lamb liver varieties.

What Makes It Special?

Raised Right includes an on-site cat food calculator to help you estimate your expenses. It considers your feline's weight, activity level, and weight management objectives. It calculates the costs for feeding your cat with 100%, 50%, or 25% Raised Right food.

You can trace the source of every ingredient in Raised Right products, as detailed in the full review. The majority of ingredients come from US suppliers. The sole exception I found during my research was cod liver oil, which originates from Norway.

Raised Right shows a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. It partners with rePurpose Global, actively working on eliminating plastic waste from the environment. Also, the provider cooperates with to offset carbon emissions from its delivery processes.

Is It Good Value?

Raised Right is a great choice for eco-conscious adult cat owners. It's also among the top picks for people who want to know where each buck goes. And it's 1 of the rare services that is completely transparent about the origins of its ingredients. 

Still, you may want to check out other pet subscription services if your Tom or Queen isn't a fan of poultry. The same goes if you want to tailor your pet's mealtime based on their dietary needs. 

The price of your pet's food from Raised Right varies based on the chosen recipe, their appetite, activity level, and your weight management objectives. Yet, the starting price for its items is $9.99/bag.

4. Open Farm – Best Eco-Friendly Wet Kitty Meals

Open Farm's Wild-Caught Salmon Rustic Blend

Key Features

  • The company is transparent about the source of its ingredients

  • Choose between several rustic blends

  • Meats are free from antibiotics and growth hormones

Open Farm is all about quality and sustainability. It upholds these standards by rigorously selecting suppliers and employing a climate strategy. What's more, the service clearly labels products that are sustainability-friendly. And it lets you trace the origins of its ingredients on its website.

What’s on Offer?

Open Farm has a few meal types on its menu, wet included. At the time of my research for the Best Wet Cat Food guide, it had 6 meals featuring different proteins. And these were from domesticated and wild-caught animals. 

The menu features single- and multi-protein recipes. Single-protein options are Harvest Chicken, Harvest Turkey, Grass-Fed Beef, and Wild-Caught Salmon Rustic Blends. Multi-protein varieties are Chicken & Salmon and Herring & Mackerel Rustic Blends. 

Pumpkin and carrots are standard ingredients in all meals. You can also find GMO-free cranberries, spinach, and many other ingredients, depending on the recipe. Open Farm sources these from local and foreign purveyors to ensure top quality. Read our review to learn more.

What Makes It Special?

Open Farm differentiates its products for kittens (Kitten Essentials) from those meant for grown-up and elderly cats (Adult & Senior Cat). And this is a quality I seldom find among pet food delivery services. Find these specific items under the Tailored Needs category. 

The business sources its meat from farms that treat animals humanely. These animals roam freely and never see the inside of crates or cages. More so, the company works towards reducing its operational carbon footprint by 42% by 2030.

You can check the food origins by selecting a product and scrolling down to the ingredients. Once there, click on See Full Ingredients to check out their states or countries of origin. Aside from the US, they may hail from Australia (beef), France (chicory root), and Canada (red lentils).

Is It Good Value?

Sustainability-wise, eco-conscious buyers of wet food have 4 Lower Carbon options to choose from, alongside a few broths. Also, Open Farm sources meats free from antibiotics. 

But the company lacks other essentials, such as treats and toppers. For a 1-stop shop for these extras and wet meals, Raised Right may be a better choice

At Open Farm, the cost of wet meals is uniform. The company's most affordable product will set you back $7/lb without auto-shipment.

5. Cat Person – Best High-Protein Wet Food for Cats

Cat Person's Tuna & Salmon Paté

Key Features

  • Tailor your kitty's mealtime via a dedicated quiz

  • Each dish is rich in proteins and low in carbs

  • The service covers you with its 30-day money-back guarantee

Cat Person offers a broad selection of wet cat food. It also has treats, toys, and accessories, making it a 1-stop shop for cat essentials. Notably, its meals have a higher protein content than the industry average. And the company's meals contain meat from both domesticated animals and wild-caught fish.

What’s on Offer?

Cat Person has 16 wet meals in total. This equals 8 recipes available in 2 textures, which are shreds in broth and paté. When perusing the menu, you can check each recipe in either texture individually or both once you pick a dish. Each package comes in packs of 5 meals. 

The service’s single-protein options are Chicken, Tuna, Duck, and Beef. Its 2-protein varieties are Chicken & Duck, Chicken & Turkey, Mackerel & Bream, and Tuna & Salmon. As highlighted in our complete review, all recipes are grain-free.

You can also find treats, accessories, and toys on the website. Treats include savory chews and items beneficial for your cat's skin, coat, bones, and joints. Accessories include bowls, beds, and a litter box. Toys are available in the fish, dog, cow, and chicken designs.

What Makes It Special?

Cat Person's standout feature is the high protein content in its meals. Wet recipes boast up to 2.2 times more protein than the industry norm. For instance, the Chicken recipe contains 85% while the Tuna & Salmon meal has 95% more protein than the industry average. 

Take an on-site meal personalization quiz, which has several questions. These queries delve into your feline's preferred proteins, potential allergies, and appetite. Based on your responses, the company customizes a Starter Box and meal plan tailored to your mouser.

Choose from 2 Starter Box types. One contains 2 bags of wet meals and 1 bag of dry food. The other comprises 4 wet food packs. If you have a playful kitten or kitty, you can repurpose these boxes into toys. And both Starter Boxes come with 2 complimentary Savory Chews.

Is It Good Value?

Cat Person is a great choice for any cat owner. It's especially convenient for those who have just adopted a cat, as the service provides all the essentials. But if you focus on eco-friendly meals, you may want to consider Open Farm instead. 

The service covers you with its 30-day Money-Back Guarantee. Should your feline fail to adapt to its food, feel free to request a full refund. 

Every wet meal option from Cat Person, broth or pâté, has the same price. The most affordable product available on the site costs $2.76 per day.

6. Chewy – The Largest Kitty Wet Food Assortment

Chewy's Beef & Poultry Recipe by Tiny Tiger

Key Features

  • The company has thousands of wet food offerings

  • Choose among dozens of brands

  • Use filters to narrow down your options

Chewy has a wide variety of cat products from both established and emerging brands like Friskies, Sheba, and Farmina. Its wet food selection alone features thousands of products. Besides meals, this online pet food store offers everything else you might need for your kitten or cat. For that, Chewy is 1 of the best wet food providers for kittens. 

What’s on Offer?

You can choose between various types of wet food for mousers on Chewy's site. As you land on the page, you'll find the Pate, Chunks in Gravy, Shredded, and Flaked options right away. Next to them are offerings for different life stages – Kitten, Adult, and Senior. 

You can find almost any type of cat food you can imagine. From grilled seafood mixes to chicken and beef pate, the range is extensive. What's more, I've also found a lot of variety packs, so you can try different meals to see which ones are best for your housecat.

Chewy has many other products for cats on offer, including supplies and accessories. Litter boxes, healthcare items, toys, and feeders are some of them. Check out our complete review for a quick overview of the pet food service's assortment. 

What Makes It Special?

Many people, including me, find Chewy a 1-stop shop for all pets' and their owners' needs. Whatever crossed my mind I found there in some form. Simply enter what you need in the search bar at the top of any page, and it should promptly appear.

The provider offers an efficient filtering system to help you quickly locate needed products. Particularly useful filters include Brand, Food Texture, and Flavor. Some other helpful options to streamline your search are Price, Lifestage, and Special Diet.

The 24/7 customer support offered by this service is a rare find among pet food delivery services. Call 1-800-672-4399 or use the live chat feature for immediate help. Email the customer support team for less urgent inquiries.

Is It Good Value?

Chewy is an excellent choice if you know exactly what your pet needs. It's also ideal for cat parents who prefer purchasing all their pet essentials from 1 place. 

But, Chewy doesn't suit cat owners seeking to personalize their pet's diet. If you're among them, Smalls has an outstanding quiz for customizing meals, the best I reviewed so far. 

The cost of feeding your cat depends on various factors. Some of these are the type of food, the brand, your feline's life stage, and texture. Still, the starting price point for Chewy is <$2 per meal.

Quick Comparison Table

Starting Price

Minimum Order

Meal Type


Active Deals


$5 per meal

6 packets


Up to $10

32% off your first order + free treats for life. Code: DELIVERY5 from Smalls

🥈The Honest Kitchen

$5.99 for dry food

No minimum

Dry, dehydrated, wet

Free or $9

Get 30% off $30+ orders with code DELIVERYRANK30 from The Honest Kitchen

🥉Raised Right


16 x 1-pound bags

Fresh and paté

Free or $9.99 (Sample Box)

20% Off Your First Box (16 Bags) from Raised Right

Open Farm

$7/lb without auto-shipment

$7/lb without auto-shipment

Dry, wet, freeze-dried raw, RawMix

Free on orders over $50 or $5.99

Save 15% Off Your First Order With Code: HELLO15 from Open Farm

Cat Person

$2.76 per day

No minimum

Wet, dry

Free or $7.95

Get 25% Off Your Starter Box from Cat Person


<$2 per meal

No minimum

Wet, dry, raw, freeze-dried, dehydrated

Free or $4.95

Save 35% On Your First Order from Chewy

Tips for Choosing the Best Wet Cat Food Delivery Service

Now that you know what the leading wet cat food delivery services are, it's time to figure out the best for you and your cat. I suggest you look into the following tips that have proven effective for most cat owners, myself included.

  • Check the ingredients closely. The quality of wet food varies among pet food providers. Choose those that use real ingredients and steer clear of additives, hormones, fillers, and other unnecessary or potentially harmful by-products. Opt for services like Smalls offering vet-approved meals that contain human-grade ingredients. 

  • Consider the variety. The selection of wet products varies among pet food providers. The Honest Kitchen offers a limited, but decent assortment, counting around a dozen options. And the company focuses on tight quality control, granting high-quality meals. 

  • Think about other necessities. Beyond essential items like a litter box or a bed, you'll likely need feeding bowls, even toys for your playful companions. Cat Person is an ideal stop for these and other necessary extras, such as treats and health supplements. 

  • Plan a budget. Prices between wet cat food subscription services tend to vary widely. So, anyone could use a projection of future costs when setting up a budget for their pet's food. You can do just that with Raised Right, which has a useful feeding calculator.


What is the healthiest wet food for cats?

The answer to this question probably depends on who you ask. But according to my research and input from my fellow experts, Smalls stands out. It collaborates with veterinarians to create cat meals and sources top-quality ingredients that could very well find a place on everyone's table.

What are the top 5 healthiest cat foods?

The healthiest cat foods, based on many accounts, thorough research, and expert insights, include Smalls, The Honest Kitchen, Raised Right, Open Farm, and Cat Person. These brands include high-quality ingredients and nutritional value. They also commit to sustainability, and some of them offer tailored options to meet various feline dietary needs and preferences.

Is pate or gravy better for cats?

There are indications that pate is better than gravy from a nutritional standpoint. The reason is that felines actually eat pates, whereas some of them lick gravy and leave meat behind. The Honest Kitchen has both wet food types if you'd like to try them out.

Do vets recommend wet food for cats?

Veterinarians suggest canned or wet food for cats with certain health conditions, such as kidney disease and urinary tract issues. For felines facing these challenges, a diet that includes increased fluid intake helps cleanse their urinary system. Raised Right has fresh and pate-like meals for adult mousers.  

Best Wet Cat Food in 2024 — Final Score

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